Corporate social responsibility


Within DVC, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a constant concern and an active endeavour. Through well-considered policy measures, DVC works on the long-term sustainability and improvement of both products and the organisation as a whole. DVC is a proud partner of MVO Nederland, which means that we are constantly alert to new opportunities and possibilities within sustainable entrepreneurship. Our commitment lies in minimising the ecological impact of our business activities and maximising our social involvement.


In 2017, DVC introduced the PETFLAG label in collaboration with other partners. The fabrics carrying this label are all made from RPET: recycled PET bottles. Within DVC, the continuous development of sustainable cloth types is an ongoing process, and we now offer an extensive range of these sustainable RPET variants.

Fabric production

To produce RPET cloth, PET bottles are collected from supermarkets and collection points. These bottles are then shredded into small pieces of PET plastic. Heating creates liquid plastic, which is stretched into metre-long threads. These threads are woven into cloth, which serves as the main base for flags, for example.


Although it is not currently possible to convert old flags directly into new cloth, we would like to stress that throwing away old flags is not necessary. Are you looking for a solution for your used flags? For several customers, we have already successfully processed old flags into reusable bags, for example. Are you curious about the possibilities? Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Your flags can still make a valuable contribution, even after their first use.