Dokkumer Vlaggen Centrale: Dokkum

DVC’s head office is located in Dokkum. With more than 80 years of experience, our dedicated staff are ready to offer you the highest quality. At this location, all our flag and cloth products are printed with care. In Dokkum, we use the authentic screen printing method, among others. This method is particularly suitable for large-scale orders and results in vivid colours with exceptional colour fastness. In addition to screen printing, we also use the digital printing method in Dokkum. Using advanced machines, we can produce detailed full-colour images and deliver even small runs quickly.

Wondering which production method best suits your needs? We are ready to advise you with a personal quotation.

DVC Sign: Amsterdam | Den Helder | Utrecht | Schagen

With our various locations across the Netherlands, DVC Sign offers an even wider range of possibilities. Our machines at these locations are capable of printing and cutting various sheet materials. This enables us to expand our product range to include signage, clothing and stickers, among others. This makes DVC a complete supplier of both indoor and outdoor promotional items. Regardless of the application, everything is printed razor-sharp on high-quality materials.

At these various locations we also offer car wrapping, and from DVC Sign we provide both indoor and outdoor installation of our materials. This includes installing facade advertising, window papering and seamless wallpaper.

Holland Mast: Amsterdam

Holland Mast is our partner in the field of columns. Whether it concerns high columns or columns at special locations with specific environmental requirements, Holland Mast has extensive experience in this field. Holland Mast also plays a prominent role in event decoration and city dressing. Numerous events have already benefited from Holland Mast’s (rental) columns, signing and decoration, taking the atmosphere and image to a higher level.