Beach chair

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The Beachchair from DVC is an outstanding piece of exhibition furniture. This makes the product perfect for your indoor or outdoor events, at restaurants, beaches or terraces.

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The Beachchair from our assortment is a firm chair that allows you to give a logo or message some extra attention. The firm retractable wooden frame is made out of 100% Beech wood. Its light weight makes it a comfortable chair to transport.

The Beachchair is made out of a wooden frame and a lose piece of printable canvas. The chair is being provided with the durable fabric Poly-Solid that gets a waterproof coating that makes the chair also suitable for outdoor events. The fabric is being printed single-sided without a print on the backside. The fabric is easily cleanable with a mild cleaning substance that expands your chairs lifespan.

Beach chair

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The size of DVC beach chair frame is 113x42cm. Interested in the beach chair from DVC? Please feel free to contact with our specialists to discuss the possibilities.