Crowd barrier banner

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At any event, concert or festival crush barriers are used as a fence or deposition. With the barrier banners of DVC it is easy to use this space as an advertising surface.

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The barrier banners from DVC are perfectly used as a way of promotion during concerts, festivals or other events. The total surface of the barrier banners is being used, making these banners suitable for guiding the passengers or to bring your advertising at events some extra attention.

The barrier banners are being manufactured from the fabric-types Poly-Glans, PVC Mesh and PVC Frontlit. Poly-Glans is printed single-sided with a 95-100% imprint. PVC Mesh and Frontlit are firm fabric-types that allow your message to have an optimal clear appearance. PVC Mesh is known for its structural holes in the fabric. These barrier banners are being finished with eyelets or strings allowing the banners to be attached to crush barriers easily.

The most common size for a barrier banner is 73x215cm. Other common sizes are: 73x500cm, 75x250cm and 75x500cm.

Crowd barrier banner

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