Scaffolding banners

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During construction or renovations large scaffolds are being used. With the Scaffold Sheets from DVC this surface can be completely used for promotional purposes. Passers-by cannot get around this way of advertising.

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The Scaffold sheets from DVC are a way of advertising that passers-by cannot get around. Mostly used at construction sites or renovations to display the intended result of the project. Largely known brands mostly use scaffold sheeting to bring their running promotions extra to the attention.

The scaffold sheets from DVC are being made out of breathable fabric types. PVC Mesh and Poly-Mesh can be recognized by their structural holes in the fabric which causes them to be resistant to most weather conditions. PVC Mesh is a firm canvas with 0% imprint on the backside. Poly-Mesh is a fabric type with 95-100% imprint on the back and both are being finished off with rings. These rings give the possibility for the canvas to be attached to the scaffold with elastic straps.

Scaffolding banners

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DVC supplies scaffolding banners in all conceivable formats. Take contact Contact our specialists for tailor-made advice.