Scaffolding pipe banner

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The scaffold tube banners from DVC are an easy way of promotion. The frame of the scaffold tube can be easily moved or attached to a wall. The fabric can be easily replaced which allows you to place a fitting message for every promotion or event.

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The scaffold tube banner from DVC can be used for both indoor and outdoor events. The fabric is being placed in its frame firmly using elastics, this way the message will have optimal visibility.

The scaffold tube banners from DVC are being made from two fabric types: PVC Frontlit and PVC Mesh. Both firm fabric types have a 0% imprint on the backside which causes the message to be sharp on the front. PVC Mesh can be recognized by the structural holes in the fabric. The canvas is being finished off with rings every 30cm. With elastics you can optimally tighten your canvas in the frame.

When it comes to the size of the scaffold tube banner almost everything is possible. The size of the fabric +15cm gives the inside measurement of the frame. Furthermore the size of the frame can be easily adjusted.

Scaffolding pipe banner

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